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Temperance & Taverns LCBD Day Theme

Sunday, October 16 in Shawnee


The role of alcohol, taverns and consumption played a significant role in the lives of miners and newcomers to the Little Cities microregion during the formative years of the mining towns in this region.  During this period known as the Hocking Valley Coal Boom Era (1870-1925), dozens of taverns and drinking rooms could be found in most mining towns of any size in the region.  During the same years, the Temperance movement spoke of the evils of alcohol and worked to ban its production and consumption in America culminating with the adoption of the 18th Amendment in 1920, known as Prohibition.  It was repealed in 1933 by the 21st Amendment.

  Join us in historic Shawnee on Sunday, October 16 for our 22nd Annual Little Cities of Black Diamonds Day as we explore the Temperance and Tavern theme first hand with a Temperance Parade, living history characters and real live Speakeasy Saloon (in the Harigle Garage) where we will serve legal beverages produced in the region by modern day entrepreneurs.  An Exhibit, panel discussions and presentations will reinforce the theme, as well.  Per usual good food awaits in the Tecumseh Commons, children’s activities in the pakr, and live music from Rich Greenlee, Charlie & Cecilia Lewis and Jesse Henry of the popular Columbus band The Spikedrivers.

We welcome sponsors for our program, volunteers, and arts and craft vendors, as well as artifacts to display around the Temperance and Taverns Theme and quilts for the annual Southern Perry Quilt Sho.  If you have interest in any of these, or have questions about the day contact the Little Cities Council office at 740-394-3011 or via e-mail at

A full schedule for the day is available by clicking here.    Google Map address 114 West Main Street, Shawnee, Ohio 43782.


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